Chengdu Kuile Horticulture Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a professional ecological landscape gardening company integrating ecological landscape construction, ecological industry planning, flower border design, construction and maintenance, and the introduction and domestication of new and excellent plants. The company adheres to the concept of "taking ecological city as its own responsibility, and striving for life to build a natural and beautiful, harmonious and beautiful poetic living environment", in line with the principle of "quality first, reputation first", and constantly improve itself, innovate, and persist in building Boutique.


       Kui Le Yuan Jing is committed to the planning and construction of rural cities in Sichuan and even the whole country to create an ecological and natural livable environment. The project involves municipal roads, parks, real estate, schools, factories, enterprises and other fields. Since its establishment, the company has been extensively involved in diversified engineering design projects such as Vanke Real Estate, Shimao Shimao City, and Zhixin Mulishan, including local Chinese developers and domestic parks and municipalities. From large-scale high-end tourist resort hotels to commercial blocks, from urban park landscape reconstructions, municipal landscapes, business and multi-functional landscapes, community landscapes, corporate parks, educational building landscapes, leisure and entertainment landscapes, parks, and residential landscapes. The design mark of the paradise. The company implements a joint production model of self-production and farmers, laying a solid foundation for the company's various projects.

     Kuihuali and Huajian Dahoe are garden restaurants designed and built by the company and presented to you in the form of "Kihuali". Everyone has their own "garden" in which we love the land like plants. The plants in the garden are all life, the plants are wild and interesting, and the life forms of the plants are sublimated with the theme of nature, freedom and freedom advocated by the company...














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